Poetical Psalms

An English language poetical translation by David Veliquette Before, during and shortly after my divorce, from about 1998 to 2002, I began to translate what was to end up being thirty-plus Psalms into English poetry; comprising meter and rhyming schemes. I’ve come to understand that the purpose of the project was more cathartic for me... Continue Reading →

Psalm 1, Poetical Psalms

To the chief musician on wind instruments, a Psalm of David How happy the man godless guidance won′t walk, He won′t stand with sinners, sit with those who mock. But rather the law of the Lord, his delight; He meditates in His law both day and night. By water streams planted, he stands like a... Continue Reading →

Psalm 2, Poetical Psalms

To the chief musician on wind instruments, a Psalm of David And why do the nations churn, ponder vain things? The rulers all gather, to stand with earth’s kings. Against His Anointed, they say of the Lord: Let’s break all their bands off and cast off their cord. The Lord sits in heaven; He laughs... Continue Reading →

Psalm 3, Poetical Psalms

A Psalm of David when he fled from Absalom, his son O Lord, how they increase… those troubling foes! How multiplied many against me arose! And many there be which will say of my soul, “No help in his maker, his God won’t console.” But You are my shield, Lord; my glory instead. You do... Continue Reading →

Psalm 4, Poetical Psalms

To the chief musician on stringed instruments, a Psalm of David Oh, hear my call, I’m clean, you did declare. Have mercy, free from trouble, hear my prayer. My reputation, will you turn to shame? With groundless accusations still you blame? Yes, for himself, the Lord sets saints apart. He’ll answer when I call him... Continue Reading →

Psalm 5, Poetical Psalms

To the chief musician on wind instruments, a Psalm of David Give ear to my words, Lord, consider my sighs. I pray, King and God, hear the sound of my cries. My voice shall You hear, Lord, prayer ordered at dawn; For solely on You, Lord will I wait upon. For You’re not a God... Continue Reading →

Psalm 6, Poetical Psalms

To the chief musician on stringed instruments, 
a Psalm of David Oh Lord don’t rebuke me, with anger hasten, In Your hot displeasure, please do not chasten. Have mercy upon me, Oh Lord, I am weak; And heal my vexed bones, Lord; it’s You, Who I seek. My soul is vexed also, for how long,... Continue Reading →

Psalm 7, Poetical Psalms

And ode of David, which he sang unto the Lord,
 concerning the words of Cush the Benjamite Oh Lord my God, in You I give my trust to: So save and deliver, from those who pursue. Lest he, like a lion, my soul tears in two; He’ll rend it in pieces, while none to rescue.... Continue Reading →

Psalm 8, Poetical Psalms

For the choir director, on the Philistine lute,
 a Psalm of David O Lord, our Lord, mighty is Your name on earth! Far greater than heavens, Your glory, Your worth. From mouths of mere infants and babes your strength willed, because of your enemies, vengeance is stilled. When pondering the heavens, the work of Your... Continue Reading →

Psalm 9, Poetical Psalms

To the chief musician, a Psalm of David With all of my heart, Lord, Oh, You will I praise; All Your works of wonder I’ll show forth and raise. And I will be glad and rejoice in You, Lord: I’ll sing praise to Your name, O God, most adored. When my foes are turned back... Continue Reading →

Psalm 10, Poetical Psalms

To the chief Musician—a Psalm of David O Lord, why stand far off, why there you abide? In times of my trouble yourself do you hide? In pride have the wicked the poor swiftly sought: In their own devices let them now be caught. The wicked is boasting of his heart’s reward, The greedy he... Continue Reading →

Psalm 11, Poetical Psalms

To the chief Musician—a Psalm of David In God, I place my trust; soul why sound this word? “Go to your high mountain, escape like a bird. The wicked with bow bent, are aiming their dart, to shoot in the darkness the upright in heart. For if the foundation is broken in two, what then... Continue Reading →

Psalm 12, Poetical Psalms

To the chief musician upon stringed instruments,
 a Psalm of David LORD, help, for the godly man ceases to be; And from among men’s sons the faithful none see. And each to his neighbor, their speech is all vain: With flattering lips, double heart they explain. And so may the Lord cut off flattering lips,... Continue Reading →

Psalm 13, Poetical Psalms

To the Chief Musician, A Psalm of David How long, Oh Lord, will you forget me forever? How long will you hide, your face from me sever? How long soul take counsel in heart’s daily grief? My enemy how long above me is chief? Oh Lord God consider and answer my cries: Lest I sleep... Continue Reading →

Psalm 14, Poetical Psalms

To the Chief Musician, a Psalm of David The fool in his heart has said, “There is no God.” Corrupt, they’ve done bad deeds; none do good to laud. The Lord looks from heaven on sons of mankind, To see who is wise, who seek God, and Him find. They’ve all turned aside and have... Continue Reading →

Psalm 15, Poetical Psalms

A Psalm of David Oh, Lord in your tent, now, just who abides still? And who shall remain there in your holy hill? It’s he who walks upright, and works righteousness, Who speaking the truth; in his heart he’ll confess. His tongue will not slander, toward neighbor harm do; Against the one near him reproach... Continue Reading →

Psalm 16, Poetical Psalms

A poem of David Preserve me, Oh God, I in you refuge take. My soul said, “You’re my Lord, your good; not mine make.” And as for the saints, all that are in the land, In these all delight, mine: majestic ones, grand. Their sorrows be increased who chase others, for: Their names not on... Continue Reading →

Psalm 17, Poetical Psalms

A Prayer of David Oh Lord, hear a just cause, attend to my cries; Give ear to my lip’s prayer; deceit won’t arise. And, so may my sentence come forth from your sight; And let your eyes see things, the fair and upright. Your night visit tried me; found naught, proved my heart; I’ve purposed... Continue Reading →

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