Cinderella’s Ball

The first time I felt the magic of dance was when I partnered with a platonic friend for the last waltz of the evening. Raised with a “no dancing allowed” religious restriction marked this as a milestone! You filled aroma’s room, Like roses blush in bloom. I sidled to your side, With heart, that could... Continue Reading →

“Death, Where is Your Sting?”

Today I noticed a Facebook post inquiry from a niece asking how long my parents had been married. I remembered and confirmed their marriage of 72 years when Mom passed in 2011, at the age of 91. Dad navigated a daunting year of loneliness and confusion, and then joined her in 2012 at the age... Continue Reading →

Rip Van Winkled

Am I awake, or do I dream;And has life started anew?Box ajar, broken a seam;How will I know what to do! Elicited by the story Rip Van Winkle. Photo courtesy of House of Themes. When life’s continuity is interrupted or destroyed, a choice emerges to embrace new possibilities or to “go back to sleep.” Authored... Continue Reading →

New Beginnings

Decisions I’ve made are now all in the past;       And now His good guidance has my future cast. I’ll rise from my knees; leave my pleas of regret;       His Word clearly says He’s not done with me yet. And I am not trapped by my foibles and fear,       So now I will... Continue Reading →

Fragrant Flower

A woman, like a flower awakes with morning sun. Her smile will shine each hour until the work is done. But when she is offended, by chance or by design; Her world is then upended she offers no more wine. So here is my wise insight: Embrace these words of mine. Imbue your words with light and... Continue Reading →

Can I trust Him?

Can I trust when I don’t see my way?       Can I trust Him if just for today? Can I set all my “learning” aside;      While believing, He surely will guide? It is good that my mind will craft plans;      That will surely keep busy my hands. For it’s He Who my steps... Continue Reading →

Poetical Psalms

An English language poetical translation by David Veliquette Before, during and shortly after my divorce, from about 1998 to 2002, I began to translate what was to end up being thirty-plus Psalms into English poetry; comprising meter and rhyming schemes. I’ve come to understand that the purpose of the project was more cathartic for me... Continue Reading →

Psalm 1, Poetical Psalms

To the chief musician on wind instruments, a Psalm of David How happy the man godless guidance won′t walk, He won′t stand with sinners, sit with those who mock. But rather the law of the Lord, his delight; He meditates in His law both day and night. By water streams planted, he stands like a... Continue Reading →

Psalm 2, Poetical Psalms

To the chief musician on wind instruments, a Psalm of David And why do the nations churn, ponder vain things? The rulers all gather, to stand with earth’s kings. Against His Anointed, they say of the Lord: Let’s break all their bands off and cast off their cord. The Lord sits in heaven; He laughs... Continue Reading →

Psalm 3, Poetical Psalms

A Psalm of David when he fled from Absalom, his son O Lord, how they increase… those troubling foes! How multiplied many against me arose! And many there be which will say of my soul, “No help in his maker, his God won’t console.” But You are my shield, Lord; my glory instead. You do... Continue Reading →

Psalm 4, Poetical Psalms

To the chief musician on stringed instruments, a Psalm of David Oh, hear my call, I’m clean, you did declare. Have mercy, free from trouble, hear my prayer. My reputation, will you turn to shame? With groundless accusations still you blame? Yes, for himself, the Lord sets saints apart. He’ll answer when I call him... Continue Reading →

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